Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 9

Day 9
Rachel Ann Brune Collection
I am nearing the end. I finished sorting the materials into their relative groups. The correspondence folders are bulging and now that I have the materials sorted, I went through and broke them down into smaller and more manageable folders of approximate equal size.

Rest of the day was spent going through the many newspapers and copying the relevant articles on "acid free" paper and pulling the duplicate copies for recycling. I am getting the hang of the copier/printer and how to trick it into doing what I want it to do as opposed to what it thinks what I want it to do. It has a color setting, so I make color copies where relevant. Considering the low quality printing done in some of these, it is kind of hard to judge the actual color quality of the copies. My note-taking as I went through the collection helps me in the copying as I had recorded what pages her articles and/or photos were on. This saved me the time of having to hunt through them again.

 Newsprint is known for low grade paper quality and printing. This seems especially true for the military papers, or it may have been the conditions the papers had been kept in. The newspapers from her home-town do not show the same amount of aging though are of the same approximate age. Regardless, many already showed signs of the paper yellowing. I chose the least damaged looking ones of the duplicates for keeping for education purposes as directed.

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