Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 6

Day 6 

Rachel Ann Brune Papers
Returned to the Rachel Brune collection. As I have made some headway in separating materials, I started arranging the materials in the folders as well into chronological order. Relatively easy for the published articles and newspapers. A little more difficult for the correspondence. More than I expected of the latter have actual dates on the letters and cards, some old fashioned letter writers! If the material had envelopes, I was often able to retrieve dates from the postmarks. However, not everything still had the envelopes. Some of those that did were sent as part of a group package, so the individual envelopes themselves would not have any postmarks. This allowed me to at least separate the correspondence divided so far into separate folders: dated and undated.

With the papers, organizing into chronological order also helps in discovering duplicate copies as well as pages that had become separated from others. It also allowed to get a sense of narrative from her journalistic career with two separate deployments and her family and personal life. Early letters from her brother, he was still in school. Later letters would be him discussing his own training in the Air Force and life spent away from home.

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