Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 7

Day 7
Military Uniform Posters
The Government Documents area was weeding their collection and my supervisor retrieved several sets of prints that related to the Women Troops project. As they were already sitting on the work table when I came in, we decided to go ahead and process this collection. My job was to record the original numbers assigned to the sets, the dimensions of the prints in each set, the dates, record the name of the sets, the specific name to prints that featured military women in them and describe the women, and we would assign new identification numbers to those specific prints. Once done with that, I would enter the information into an Excel spreadsheet to make for importing the information as metadata.

Several of the sets contained documents that gave brief information concerning the prints. From there, I discovered that one of the artists was a woman in the military making that information relevant to the Women Troops project as well. Taking this information to my supervisor, we decided to add the artist to the metadata as well. As I researched online the background of one of the sets of other prints, I found another set had two military women as artists as well. I was glad to feel that I added something of real value to the processing of the collection.

I can see that I am going to have to learn Excel more fully. Dr. Chow in my Management and Leadership class extolled the virtues of it, especially when it comes to working with budgets. I also make rudimentary use of the program at work. Creating the spreadsheet for this task was not difficult, but the program obviously has more capability and value than to what I have put it to. I can see being proficient in it will be a valuable skill for continuing to work in a professional environment.

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